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Where to Play

Lillis Park

898 Parkview Drive


1400 N. 27th Street

6 dedicated public courts
Street parking

4 courts over tennis nets
Parking $1/hour

CastleRock Park

North Park

600 W. Wicks Lane

700 N. 22nd Street

2 courts over tennis nets
Free parking

1 court over tennis net





2907 Roundup Road

1595 Grand Avenue

2 indoor courts
Must sign up with TeamReach  - Join

code 406Billings

3 indoor courts
Membership or 3 day pass

Billings YMCA

Elks Center

402 N. 32nd Street

934 Lewis Avenue

6 indoor courts
Membership or Guest Pass

4 indoor courts
$6 - 2 hour session

Must sign up with TeamReach  - Join codes Pball4u and 406Billings

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