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Membership Liability Waiver

By checking the box, I understand that no medical insurance is provided by the BPA (Billings Pickleball Association) and I agree to assume the risk of injury related to my participation or the participation of my dependents. I understand that there are inherent risks to which I may be exposed because of the level of activity of pickleball. I agree to make no claims against the BPA or any of its organizers or volunteers for any injury or incident arising from this activity and that I am physically able to participate in this activity. If I consent to any medical treatment while involved in this activity, I agree to pay for it. I also understand that the BPA is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles. I also agree that my contact information may be made available to other members through a secure website portal.

Code Of Conduct

*  Always display behavior that demonstrates good sportsmanship, respect, fairness, integrity and honesty to other players and spectators.

*  Refrain from using obscene language or excessive anger (i.e. throwing a paddle) during play.

*  No member shall display behavior or action that constitutes harassment, where harassment is defined as verbal, written, digital or physical behavior directed towards an individual, which is offensive, abusive, racist, sexist, degrading or malicious.

*  Always strive to make correct line calls, but if in doubt, call the ball "in".

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