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Fall Session of Men’s League and Women’s League: King of the Court/Queen of the Court

Please join us for the Billings Pickleball Association’s third session of league play called King of the Court (Men’s League) and Queen of the Court (Women’s League).  This will be a fun league played over six weeks beginning September 13 through October 24.  The goal will be to get to court one and see how long you can stay there.  The main goal, however, is to meet and play with different people, to improve your skills through friendly competition, and to HAVE FUN!!

The format will consist of four players on each court, court one will be considered the top, then two, three, etc.  For round one, the first week of play, each player will be assigned a random “player number” and the matchups and court assignments will be pre-determined prior to the start of week one.  The matches will be scheduled during the week at the convenience of the foursome, arranged by the designated court captain. 

Each player in your foursome would play with and against each other, for a total of three games, each played to fifteen and do not need to win by two.  The two players in your foursome scoring the most points will move up one court and the two players with the least points will move down one court for the next week’s play and will continue this way through week six.

The designated court captains will send the results into the league scorekeeper no later than end of Saturday.  The league scorekeeper will send out the next week’s matchups on Sunday for each foursome to schedule their play. 

Sign up early as it will be important to divide the total number of players into groups of four. If the number is more than divisible by four, the last signee(s) may need to be moved to the sub list.  More information to follow.  Don’t miss out on the fun.

Billings Pickleball Association League Committee

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